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Search Engine Optimisation for Restaurants & Cafe’s

As a restaurant owner, you will no doubt have heard of the importance of restaurant search engine optimization. The thing that you need to consider about this, though, is the fact that if so many people are saying it they might just have a point; Local SEO is so important in the modern world, as everyone is using the web to promote their business.

If you just allow yourself to hang around in the background, you will never get any closer to fulfilling your promise and getting anywhere with that – you are limiting your potential if you decide to stay offline.

However, there is something else that you can get from using the web; a chance to be first. If you can be the top restaurant for your niche in the search engines you will stand a good chance of boosting your visibility and your orders, both people coming in to eat and ordering takeout food if you deliver. This makes it incredibly easy for people to start making that big difference to their lives in general, giving people the perfect way to attract more customers to your business which will, in turn, remove that extra layer of stress you may be carrying.

local seo for restaurants

Local SEO for Restaurants

Since we know that people use search engines to find products by proximity, then the biggest opportunity for restaurants is local SEO. Think about it for a second… Considering that computing devices use geolocation, you can literally catch consumers at the exact time they’re looking for what you sell!

All you have to do is make it easy for them to find you and that’s a problem local SEO solves.

Similar to national targeting, local optimization uses tactics that help search engine algorithms (a form of artificial intelligence or AI for short) understand what your company is all about. But it’s hyper-focused on a few locations, rather than the whole country.

  • Creating excellent, locally-focused content
  • Optimizing your Google My Business listing
  • Optimizing your website
  • Building local business directory listings
  • Fixing incorrect NAP citations
  • And more

Let Local People Discover You Online!

Your business can grow far beyond your imagination. But you need a solid base first. And for restaurant and takeaways, the solid base is the target customers around your locality. If local people are familiar with your business, they are likely to buy your product and service. However, in your neighborhood, it is very likely to have a high competition. Also, now people use search engines to choose and decide which take away or restaurant downstairs they will pick. Hence, you need to have a good appearance in local searches to have a good business now.

Local SEO for Restaurants & Cafe’s Main Steps

  1. Website Optimization
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • Site and Page Speed Optimization
    • Site Structure Analysis and Optimization
  2. Localization
    • Keyword Research and Optimization for Restaurants & Cafe’s
  3. All Google Tweaks Needed
    • Set up and Optimization of Google MyBusiness
    • Google Map Claims
    • Google Analytics Installation
    • Sitemap Submission
  4. Directories and Citation
    • Setup Directory and Citation Listings
    • Add, Fix, Correct and Update Listings
  5. Reviews and Testimonials
  6. Link Building
  7. Tracking
  8. Management
  9. Updates and Marketing

Want Help with SEO?

At Zvono Marketing, we specialize in helping restaurants attract more local customers through Google. If you’d like help with your SEO, contact us for an SEO audit.

We are doing business for customers in all corners of the country, so we recognize that the demands, as well as search practices of individuals searching for restaurants, could differ by area. Zvono Marketing starts every new client involvement with a comprehensive analysis of your business, so we comprehend your top priorities, services, and service location.

Contact us to request an SEO Audit and Quote!

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janice watson
janice watson
18:17 25 Oct 18
Provided my site with an excellent SEO site audit. Their services and pricing are affordable and reasonable. Signed up with them and they are doing their very best to help my website and business. Looking forward to more growth. Recommend for people looking for highly detailed analysis of their website and marketing strategies. Amazing team too!
Brittany Glover
Brittany Glover
06:25 06 Nov 18
Zvono Marketing knows there thing. Highly recommended SEO Agency. I had a wonderful experience talking, collaborating, and working together with them in order to help my website. Thank you Zvono, more power!
Pamela Herna
Pamela Herna
19:23 26 Oct 18
The full SEO site audit that they sent me helped a lot. I discovered a lot of things that needs to be addressed. It surely helped my website. I can highly recommend this team. They are willing to listen to your story and what your website is all about, come up with a fantastic plan and an amazing audit. Thank you for making my website better than ever Zvono Marketing team!
Tais S.G.
Tais S.G.
00:35 29 Sep 18
Great company, easy communication, polite management. Work is very well done and in reasonable time. Would recommend to any business looking for marketing help.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller
19:42 30 Oct 18
Awesome team. Contact them for consultation and was pleased with the result. The audit is a bit technical but surely is amazing and helpful. I'll go through the SEO audit they sent me and we'll see if once fixed, it helps my rankings.
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