How do I rank my website on google?

You’ve spent hours, time, and probably a fair amount of money to finish your website, and it’s finally ready. You give the go-ahead to go live and BAM! …Nothing happens. You are dismayed when only a few people visit your site, even after posting on all of your social media outlets. If you have a polished website and a great social media base, the problem could very well be that you’re not being found by your potential clients when they look for you.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an essential tool to make sure your website is being placed in front of your clients and on the top pages of search results. However, getting your website to the top of Google Search results is no simple task, and the idea of using SEO is a bit more complicated than it sounds. In this article, we will discuss the main techniques suggested and issued found by SEO Professionals, all based on Google Search technology (thanks to Google publications) with input from an expert and personal experiences.

Here are the top SEO Tips You Need to Propel Your Google Website Ranking to the Top:

Love your Links

The most essential element in making your SEO project a success is by way of linking, commonly known as the Link Building approach. This essentially means you are increasing the number of links on your website, as well as the number of other sites which link you. Doing this helps search engine algorithms in placing your google website ranking towards the top of the lists.

Google Website Ranking - links

There are a few different ways to add links to various articles on your site and send your site to connect directories to build mutual links between your sites (otherwise known as reciprocal linking). You can search for sites which might have cited you in their articles, contact friends and family who have similar content or high-quality brands, and reach out to software or hardware designers you have used in the past and would like to mention on your site.

Don’t Forget The Meta and Title Tags (Utilizing Keywords)

Please, use your Meta Tags and Title Tags— others tend to neglect them and they’re basically essential in bringing up your google website ranking. Bear in mind to position ONLY the keywords that you are targeting in order to get leading rankings for your Meta and Title Tags. Place these keywords in the title of your post to maximize the exposure, and save the description part of the tags for the body of your content.

Google Website Ranking - importance of meta tags

Keep in mind that Google only allows around eight to nine words in Title Tags in order for your website to be included on their search engine outcomes, so make sure you do your research to pick words which are not only relevant to your content and your site, but which your clients are actually searching for. Be strategic, and do some research in what your customers want before you hone in on your keywords.

You Might Have to Spend Some Time in the “Sandbox”

Search engines such as Google are not a fan of brand new websites. Although it’s never been confirmed by Google, SEO professionals commonly refer to the practice of “sandboxing” freshly established sites on the web. The concept is this: each website, after being first published, spends about three to four months to spend in the “sandbox” area, where regardless of how optimized your content is your google website ranking remains low.

Google Website Ranking - trapped in google sandbox

This is supposedly an attempt to deter fake websites and scamming activities. After this “trial” period, search engines will eventually trust your website to be genuine. The longer your website has actually been online (let’s say around two years or more), the more you will be indexed by search engines.

Although this can be a tough pill to swallow— especially if you’ve spent a lot of time optimizing your site— the only thing to do in this case is to wait it out. Keep building your Title Keywords based on your target audience and working on your Link Building content, and you will slowly (or not so slowly!) work your way up the ladder of google website ranking to make your way to the top.

How Does Website Ranking Work by Google Webmasters