So is “content” really the “KING”?

Recently Neil Patel published a blog The Future of Content Marketing: It’s Not What You Thinkand a video titled The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following)”.

The article and video say that if your content is not unique, new, and spectacular, it’s not enough – and yes that is correct. Instead, he does focus more on “PROMOTION.”

And according to Neil himself, the worst SEO advice that he can give is that “content is king.”  Ouch! A lot of SEO agencies and people raised their eyebrows for sure.

To establish first, yes, Neil’s post and video make a perfect sense and shares excellent information. The problem is, “content is king” is basically the basics of SEO.

And as for Google itself, it strives to deliver quality/appropriate content to the visitors, so saying that you should invest your time to create an excellent skyscraper content is aligned to the ideals of Google.

Income School, if you’re familiar with them, is an SEO agency that offers training courses that use “content is king” as their main fundamentals. They actually did publish a reaction video to counter Neil’s statement.

And they have an excellent valid point in this issue. Beginners, new blogs, blogs without traffic, Teams that don’t have a ton of people, individuals that don’t have enough resources will struggle at promotion. It’s easier for Neil to publish an article once a week and to say that “content is not the king” because he is big enough to have a massive following on his youtube channel, facebook page, his website, organic traffic and a massive list of newsletter subscribers. It is already guaranteed that he will have traffic even if he doesn’t focus on his content.

But, for people that don’t have that much traffic, following, recognition, authority, and resources, it would be hard and impossible to focus more on promotion. We definitely agree with Income School on this one, we have tried many times that with the proper and quality content you can rank even without link building, ads, promotion and also having low domain rating.  “Content is king” is definitely not the worst advice.

Yes, spending time on promotion, putting money on ads, and working hard on social media presence surely pays off; that’s why it is working for Neil Patel. It’s just, SEO is not one format game. What works for a big personality like Neil Patel and his company is not a hundred percent guaranteed that will also work for you. Especially for beginners and small-timers, having and publishing great content is the KING and definitely not the worst method to do so.

What’s your thought on this matter? For you, content is KING or NOT?

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