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With Pay Per Performance Local SEO you pay only when your website is ranked on page 1 of Google


With our revolutionary Pay-for-Performance approach, we do not charge you anything for our SEO work until we get one of your chosen keywords into the top 10 positions of Google.  At Zvono Marketing, we put you at the front of your industries at a cost which is based on the concept of reward; you pay only when results are achieved.

Our SEO process is very easy to understand, transparent, result-oriented and affordable. We do not believe in keeping our clients in the dark or carrying out unnecessary SEO work which your website may not even need for the sake of superfluous charges.

SEO has been made a very complex process by SEO agencies. In fact, all Google wants to see is that your website is informative, relevant to online visitor queries, highly organized, back-linked from trusted websites and following Google quality guidelines. We at Zvono Marketing make sure that your website is put on the right track. And in order to achieve that goal, we execute this local SEO campaign using the steps listed below:

SEO Site Audit

Our team will do a complete SEO audit on your site.


Keyword Research

Our team will help identify the best 5 keywords for your site to target.

Competitor Analysis

To beat the competition our team will do a thorough research on your site and business’ competitors.


Strategic Planning

After the first 3 steps, Zvono Marketing will formulate the best roadmap to take for your website and business online.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Our team will then carry out all on-page and off-page steps needed to perform.


Site Analysis and Reporting

After we are able to rank your site and/or after every month, we will send you a detailed report showing rankings and improvements on your website.

Pay If You Rank

This brilliant SEO model creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. We rank – you pay. On average, we expect to see first-page organic rankings at the 1-3 month mark ( this can take less, or more time depending on your industry). 


This service is only for businesses with a physical location. Other websites, online businesses, and entities can contact us for further information on how Zvono marketing can help you.



Payment will be done as soon as we reach our first-page goal with ONE of your chosen keywords. Please note that we do not guarantee fixed results. Nobody has control over search engine rankings and nobody can predict the results in advance. But Hey! It’s FREE! You have nothing to lose!

Although, our team will do its very best to help you and your website rank and grow.

Zvono Marketing reserves the right to deny applications to this program.

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