Starting a business venture and developing your product or realigning your service will require working quickly and efficiently. Because of this, you need to ensure your start-up offers value in terms of innovation, quality, and convenience. So, how do you strike the perfect balance?

It’s still up to your employee to bring in to make this happen. The problem is that you have limited funds to hire talent and you may be new to the process. Good thing there’s an alternative approach that many companies have actually used during the start-up phase: outsourced development.

20 Successful Start-ups Built From Outsource Development

  1. Slack: This Company used outsourcing to develop its solution in its earliest days
  2. Fab: This large start-up partnered with developers in India to maximize funding while scaling up when their business showed signs of growth
  3. Skype: They used a team of developers in Estonia to help them build out their business.
  4. Klout: Klout relied on many outsourced developers
  5. AppSumo: The Company has used many freelancers in various fields, including marketing, content and IT to grow its business
  6. Serving as a company that offers outsourced talent and freelancers for other organizations
  7. Github: The company has used numerous people who completed development work virtually from home
  8. Basecamp: The same practice of outsourcing worked for Basecamp as it developed itself into a technology leader
  9. AlertBoot: The Company decided to outsource infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud hosting to speed those areas of development
  10. MYSQL: From the start, the company believed and proved the success of a growth strategy that included using a mostly outsourced staff in various countries to ramp up operations in each location
  11. SeatGeek: This Company found a considerable cost benefit to outsourcing specific tasks to talent in other countries
  12. Squawker: This company partnered with an outsource provider to build its platform solution
  13. They used people in India, China, and Israel for quality assurance, engineering and hardware.
  14. Splunk: This company, known for search and analysis of data, has used outsource agencies to find the talent that rapidly developed their infrastructure and solution
  15. Opera: This web browser company relied on developers in other countries to create and implement its platform
  16. Pingar: The Company helps organizations with data analytics with outsourced talent to develop its business
  17. Axeda: The Company relied on developers to create the software and platform to offer its cloud-based solution
  18. Solix: Even technologies outsource companies have used outsourced talent to create its infrastructure as Solix has done
  19. Cloudmunch: This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company utilized an Indian outsource company to cull talent it needed to start up its operations
  20. Gliffy: This web-based diagramming tools company has turned to outsource for specific aspects of its technology development

These are start-ups who have recognized the value that outsourcing brings. So whether that is talent in other countries or home-grown experts who work virtually they come with skills already in place, so you do not spend time training. At the same time, the low costs and knowledgeable talent means you can get infrastructure developed faster and your company launched sooner.


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