When a blogger first starts out, they are almost always full of energy and a desire to spread their content with the world; they strive to find an audience who will benefit from their advice, opinions or poetry and many, ultimately, hope that their passion will turn into a full-time career.

So when a blog actually does start to pick up traction and be recognized for its valuable content, it might be strange to then consider adding content to other blogs—if a content creator wants readers to come to their site, why would they want to give their content to someone else?

How are that time and effort beneficial to the growth of the business? While it might seem counterintuitive, when used correctly guest posting/blogging can actually be a compelling tool in growing a blog’s web presence.

the importance of guest posting

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Guest blogging has many benefits both in the short and long-term goals of a startup blogger’s success. Here are 6 Reasons Why Guest Posting is Paramount to Blog Success:

1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Increasing Brand Awareness via Guest Posting

For small to medium blogs, guest posting is a way to have their blog associated with larger, more authoritative forces. By guest posting thought-out, detailed blogs, smaller writers are able to gain essential exposure to an audience they might otherwise not have reached.

For example, if KnittingDigest.com is able to write a quality guest post for the leading blog or website for knitting on the subject of yarm selection, they would certainly see a significant uptick in subsequent web traffic to their home blog. Readers will begin to correlate the blogger’s writing with the quality brand of the larger website and will begin to start respecting the writers in the same way they do the brand they are already familiar with.

By regularly posting excellent articles on larger sites, growing bloggers position themselves on the forefront of their given niche; over time, they can become known to their readers as a specialist in said niche. When it then comes time to purchase a product offered by the blogger on their website, readers feel more confident in their decisions as they have an authentic connection with them and their brand. Readers directed to KnittersDigest.com are much more likely to buy spools of yarn linked from the blog after having seen “verified” articles on other sides, guaranteeing the credibility of KnittingDigest’s products. It can be difficult for bloggers to galvanize their audiences into taking an action (particularly when buying a product is concerned), but having guest posts on other blogs assures readers of the legitimacy of the blog’s opinions.

2. Expanding Boundaries

Expanding Boundaries via Guest Posting

By writing under different contexts, young bloggers are compelled to produce content under different circumstances than they are used to; everything from the type of content, the article style, and the voice of the post can differ significantly from a blogger’s usual writing methods. While blogs with similar audiences often share similar traits when it comes to blog formatting, each blog has a different formula for the editorial guidelines it wants its guest bloggers to follow. Before writing a guest post, smart bloggers will do a fair amount of research on the specific types of content the site their writing for creates, how long their content usually is, and what kinds of activity are most appreciated by said blog’s users. This is a great workout for growing bloggers, who are able to flex their researching muscles and writing skills in a way in which they otherwise might not be able to.

Guest writing allow allows young bloggers to gain brief glimpses into the inner workings of larger, established blogs in their sector. They get the opportunity to understand, and possibly even learn from, how their styles, types of content and blog layout affect their user interface.

Finally, guest blogging allows a new blogger to be exposed to a different public, beyond the established fan base they are used to having. This can provide great opportunities for frank evaluations of their work, which they might not otherwise receive from those who are already loyal readers. Rather than being a negative consequence of guest blogging, it is better to consider this aspect as a room for both personal and professional growth; getting honest feedback on their work allows bloggers to improve their writing skills, and gives them a broader perspective which eventually attracts new readers to their site.

3. Developing Connections

Build Connections and Links Via Guest Blogging

When a blogger is actively trying to expand their guest blogging network, they often submit articles to their partner websites at least once a month, therefore creating a stable relationship with the partner blog’s managers, content creators, and readers. Those who are more experiences in guest blog posting remember to follow up on the articles they have posted, replying to curious reader’s questions and reacting to particularly pertinent comments. It is also imperative for blog writers to remember to follow up with the blog owner themselves, in order to receive constructive feedback in how they believe the articles are doing on their sites.

By maintaining a consistent relationship with various blogs, growing bloggers are sending a message to readers that they are trustworthy, and that they care about the said comunity enough to keep returning. Every time a blogger writes for a separate blog, or features a guest writer ton their site, both parties should mention and link the other blogger. Not only does this open up more doors for collaborations and guest posts in the future, but can even lead to direct partnerships in other areas. Once a blogger has established trust in a respective community, top bloggers within the same niche will not hesitate to share the writers content across their various social media and blogging channels.

4. Establishing Business Opportunities

Establishing Business Opportunities via Guest Posting

Many bloggers often neglect this aspect of online content creation, but author bios are often a key tool to growing a blogger’s online presence. While it is often considered a tidbit of information which will be widely neglected, it is actually the ideal place for a new blogger to pitch themselves to potential customers. A decent blogger’s bio should summarize their skills and contain links to your online content and social media; witty quips, clever word-play and successful summaries of work experience all contribute to an author biography which will get noticed by those looking for top-quality talent.

It is not unheard of for someone who is looking for a reliable writer in a certain area to search top content blogs to find them. With a cleverly-written bio, a young blogger can catch the eye of someone looking for content creators for their individual projects; contractors will often sift through expertise blogs to look for writers which might suit the needs of a particular project. It is remarkable how often this actually does occur. By constantly exposing both their content and their bio, a writer opens themselves to numerous career opportunities which might otherwise not have been available to them.

5. Improve Your Writing

Improve Your Writing Skills via Guest Posting

A blogger who was fresh to the world of blogging would write a large number of guest posts, then submit them to different blogs in their field. They always wrote these posts out of “inspiration,” and they consistently viewed their work as being top quality, do to the fact that they felt a “flowing spirit and energy” whenever they wrote.

One day, they submitted an article to a well-known website, and the blog manager responded that they weren’t even sure if the article was good or not—the post was illegible. The blogger, wrapped up in their thoughts and ideas of the article, had thought their content was of such a high caliber that they didn’t even need to proofread it. This is dangerous, and not uncommon, a trap for young writers to fall into.

If the blogger had posted this article immediately to their own website, they would have had no way of realizing that to outsiders their content was incomprehensible. Regardless of how great, inspirational, or emotional a blog’s content may be, it is of no use if others can’t read it. By guest blogging, writers can receive open, honest feedback, and ensure they are constantly improving the quality of their content for both their current and new readers.

6. Producing Legitimate Website Traffic and Strengthening SEO

Increase Domain Authority via Guest Blogging

One of the top reasons why a lot of bloggers and content marketers invest their time in guest blogging is because it generates quality traffic. Google search engine use complicated algorithms which take into account heavily the use of links. When readers follow the links posted by guest bloggers, the algorithm transforms these clicks into votes of value from the linking site to blogger’s original site. If the number of clicks becomes large enough, it can have a substantially positive reaction on a blog’s SEO, or Search Engine Optimization rating. This will help a new blogger’s site rank higher on searches relevant to their blog and ultimately lead to new blog viewers and subscriptions. While creating content on a very small blog will have virtually no effect on your SEO rating, utilizing sites with recognized authority in a blogger’s particular industry is an excellent way to raise their visibility, increase their website traffic, and better their search rankings.

Yet another significant benefit to guest posting is that it builds the domain rating and search engine authority of a young blogger’s website. Without devoting a significant about of time into particular SEO strategies or concentration on buying or building links from outside sources, a blog can have extremely high success on google just through guest posting.

For example, one blogger has a page ranking of 4 on Google, over 4,000 readers from various search engines each month, and some of their articles rank first on searches when it comes to particular thoughts or keywords— without investing any serious efforts into their search engine optimization. By guest blogging, startup writers are able to build strong and trustworthy backlinks to their blog, tremendously improving their search engine authority and credibility.

Guest blogging has many benefits to the long-term success of a startup blog. By creating high quality, thought-out content consistently and regularly for top websites in any particular subject, a blogger is able to swiftly work their way up the credibility ladder and define themselves as an expert in their field. Their writing quality will grow, their exposure will increase (opening up possible work opportunities), and their search engine visibility will significantly improve, thanks to cross-referencing in backlinking.

Overall, guest posting/blogging is the best way to invest long-term in the growth and success of an online blog.

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